Our services

Magic Tech Electronic Security System is a company which always offers the most dynamic set of security solutions to Government, Industrial, Commercial and Domestic sectors. Our team of experts is pleased to entertain all customer inquiries, orders and recommendation requests. Our Main Areas of Expertise Are:

Whole Sale and Retail Dealer of Security Equipment

We fulfill a variety of purchase orders for security products, such as security cameras and metal detectors including Walk Through gates, X-Ray Baggage Scanning Machines and many more from various international companies with assured quality and official warranty.

Rental Service for Security Equipment

We offer Metal Detectors, Security Cameras and Wireless sets and much more on short term rental contracts for covering single or multiple day events

Fault Analysis and Repair of Equipment

Our team can correctly diagnose the source of a system malfunction, and repair the security machines for correction.

Consultations for Customized Security Systems

Our experts analyze the nature of given projects and then recommend the most effective solution.

Security Guards and Operator Training

We provide instructors who conduct practical demonstrations and training sessions for the personnel operating any security system.

Equipment Packaging and Shifting

We can overlook and assist in maintaining product and human safety protocols when relocating security equipment.

Biometric Verification and Access Control Systems

We offer a variety of smart devices, database software and more to allow authorized access to any commercial or domestic premises.

Long and Short Range Wireless Communication

We deal in supplying handsets for radio communication which will only work on allocated frequencies.

Traffic Control Systems

We are able to assess solutions for traffic regulation and offer related software and equipment for traffic control.

Guard Tour Patrol System

We are able to suggest and install suitable smart devices for authorizing and logging the identities for employees of a corporation.