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Walk Through Gates

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Walk Through Gates

Walkthrough metal detectors work by using sensors to detect the presence of a metal object on a person’s body and sets off an alarm if any metal is detected. The sensors in the metal detector can be either electromagnetic or magnetic. When a person walks through the archway of a walkthrough metal detector, the sensors create a magnetic field or an electromagnetic field around the person. If the person is carrying any metal objects, the metal will disrupt the magnetic field or the electromagnetic field. This disruption will cause a classic metal detector circuit to set off an Walk through metal detectors fall into one of two general categories. The first style of walk through metal detectors provides multi zone detection. The second style provides multi zone detection with additional pinpoint capabilities. Basic multi zone featuring more than 6 zone models provide more detail of the target location. The difference is that the multi zone detector with pinpoint capability will be able to identify the location of the target on either the left or right side of the individual. More advanced multi zone detectors like the Garrett PD 6500 will pinpoint the specific location from head to toe and on the left or right side.

What are the typical locations and uses for a walk through metal detector?

At one time, security metal detectors were primarily seen just in airports and correctional facilities. Today we see walk through detectors in a variety of locations, including police stations, schools, public and private buildings, and corporate workplace security. They are also used in manufacturing facilities, warehouses for loss prevention, nuclear facilities, transportation terminals, courthouses, historical landmarks, sporting events and concerts.